In 2003, Oprah aired a show called Christmas Kindness. This show focused on the devastation that HIV/AIDS has had on the African people, and providing African children with a Christmas to remember. At the end of that show, Oprah proposed one simple question, "Now that you know, what will you do?" In 2004, we answered Oprah's question by forming Graytly Inspired.

So, now that we know, what will we do? We will implement our mission in the following way:

Each year, we will select several organization/agencies and/or doctors to work with and provide their clients/patients with handcrafted recovery items, low cost/subsidized transportation to medical appointments, and pick up and delivery of prescribed medications. These agencies and doctors work with clients/patients who have been diagnosed with a catastrophic illness. When possible certain handcrafted gifts such as bracelets, necklaces, bookmarks and magnets will be donated to these agencies employees and volunteers.

Now that we know, what have we done?

For the first two years handcrafted "YOU ARE LOVED!" cards were mailed anonymously. To date, 250 cards have been sent. Furthermore, on December 27, 2006, 1,100 "YOU ARE LOVED!" bookmarks were donated to ONEgeneration, a company that works with seniors.

The San Diego Graytly Inspired chapter has made 310 bracelets for women and 68 necklaces for men who have cancer. In May 2007, we donated these gifts to Marilyn Norton, M.D. In November 2007, we delivered 66 bracelets and 52 necklaces to John Einck, M.D.

Bracelets, necklaces, bookmarks and magnets were donated to the Women’s Center – High Desert, Inc. This organization gives care bags to hospitalized women/men who have been battered by their partners, and to women/men who have been sexually assaulted. They are now including in there bags “YOU ARE LOVED!” bracelets and necklaces. The bookmarks and magnets were given to their volunteers.

One hundred beaded bookmarks were donated to an organization called “Strength for the Journey.” “Strength for the Journey,” was founded by Reverend Bert Ali, a Methodist minister living with AIDS, set a goal to provide a refuge away from city life for people with HIV/AIDS. The beaded bookmarks were placed in their welcoming packet for all the campers.

Nice Place decorated, de-cluttered and organized several clients’ bedrooms. All our clients spoke about how uplifting it has been for them to come home after their treatments to a clean and decorated room.

Finally, Graytly Inspired Loose Change Campaign brought in over one thousand dollars in donations from friends and family that helped to pay for many of our expenses during the year.

Now that we know, what are we doing now?


During this year we will work with the following organizations: Long Beach AIDS Foundation, John Hopkins Hospital, The Center for Cancer and Blood Disorders and the Hunterdon Regional Cancer Center. We are donating bracelets and necklaces to their clients/patients, staff and volunteers.

The HandUP program will collaborate with AIDS Life Emergency Fund sponsored by Long Beach AIDS Foundation. We will link clients with a case supporter who can provide emotional support as the client travels on his/her personal journey. A specialized bracelet and necklace has been designed for this program. Each client and case supporter will receive one.

Nice Place will continue to work with clients to provide them with room makeovers.

Now that we know, what will we do in the future?

Our future is very bright and full of many promises. We are looking to collaborate and network with other Non-Profit organizations. Securing funding, grants and donation remains a high priority. We will continue to make all our handcrafted recovery items to be donated to our clients, doctors and organizations. We are still looking for several vans to be donated with wheel chair lifts so transporting our clients will be easier. Finally, we are looking for a person or company to donate a building or office space for Graytly Inspired to call “home.” If you would like to help or you know of anyone who can help with these donations please let us know.

Now that you know, what will you do?

You can perform acts of kindness. You can donate to Graytly Inspired, or donate to another charitable organization. You can volunteer your time at Graytly Inspired or another organization. You can purchase one of the many different recovery items that we offer or purchase items that are on our wish list. Both the recovery items and our wish list are on our website,